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The Valley House Designed By Charles Grant Architecture

The Valley House

The Valley House, a three-bedroom, three-bathroom, Long Island Neo-Colonial Home. The Valley House, was designed with precedence to one of my favorite styles of architecture, so prominent in my childhood hometown area. The Neo-Colonial style is a staple in the North Shore of Long Island, an area of full-bodied colonial and Native American history. The Valley house moved into the diagramming process in which I first developed the locations of key elements and flow for navigating through the structure. The Valley House is constructed of typical colonial wood-style shingles and cedar shingle roofing.

The Grid Museum and Restaurant

My goal when designing this project was to create a space where art, culture, and food all come together in a structure for social gatherings. My design process moved from concepts to diagrams, where I developed my project using a grid method. The grid method and grid pattern design of the building resulted in the fruition of the building's name. The building features a gray terracotta clay cladding to exaggerate the feeling of this grid, and implement strong shadow effects to create the feeling of a larger presence when entering the building. First and second-floor large open galleries run the distance of the building well a boutique-style restaurant featuring outdoor seating and an activity space highlight the southwest.

The Grid Museum & Restaurant Designed By Charles Grant Architecture
The Canal House Designed By Charles Grant Architecture

The Canal House

The Canal House. 650 SQ. FT. residential concept design in Delray Beach Florida. Designed my 7th semester at the University Of Hartford. My inspiration behind the design came from the concept of creating a compact but open and inviting Southern Florida beach house. The Canal House focuses on creating unique gathering spaces, making use of the spaces created by the shape of the building. The Canal House features a prominent sun-screen preventing excessive light on the southern building facade. The screen design allows for different light to access the interior space upon the different positions of the sun throughout the day. 

The Grid @ Bushnell Park. Hartford, CT

The Grid @ Bushnell Park. The Grid Tower, 400' penthouse tower concept design in downtown Hartford Connecticut. Featuring The Grid Market an adjacent farmers market. Designed my 7th semester at the University Of Hartford. The inspiration behind the creation of The Grid Project came from a previous project, The Grid Museum & Restaurant. The Grid @ Bushnell Park was driven by the same concept. The creation of a space where residential, culture, and food all come together. The precedent, grid method, and grid pattern design of the buildings resulted in the fruition of the building's name.

The Grid @ Bushnell Park Designed By Charles Grant Architecture
Charles Grant Design Studio

Silver-Stone Cabin

Silver-Stone Cabin Designed By Charles Grant Architecture

Silver Stone Cabin, my first design project. Freshman year at The University Of Hartford. Silver Stone Cabin, was designed as a shelter for hikers passing through Bear Mountain in Connecticut. The precedent for the design of this Stone cabin came from my trips up north to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Northern New Hampshire architecture features some of the most historical and natural construction in the New England area. These structures usually feature regenerative materials from the surrounding area, making construction more affordable. My goal was to design a structure that could withstand the rough conditions for as long as possible, but that would remain low-cost and budget conscious. New England field stones and standing seam black metal roofs accent the log construction providing the structure a more modern New England log cabin feeling.

The White-Mountain A-Frame Cabin

The White Mountain A-Frame Cabin. One bedroom, one bath mountain getaway. Precedent for this design also came from annual trips to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. The White Mountains of New Hampshire are some of the most breathtaking mountains in the country. The sheer size, of the endless mountains and their presence amongst the clouds, is something to remember. However one of the most notable sights from my trips to the mountains was the beautiful A-Frame style cabins. A-Frame cabins come in all shapes and sizes, this particular design took precedence from a group of lodges by the mountainside featuring unbelievable views of the White Mountains amongst the fog of the morning. The challenge of the design was to incorporate luxury amenities, utilizing the smaller space. The wooden cabin features a loft bedroom with views of the mountain range, an eat-in kitchen, a large bathroom and shower, a small dining area, and a spacious living room. Developing into one of my favorite designs, replicating, and blending into the mountain range of the north.

The White-Mountian Cabin Designed By Charles Grant Architecture

The Hampton House

The Hampton House Designed By Charles Grant Architecture

The Hampton House, five bedroom, five bathroom, Hamptons Style Home. Designed for Gathering With Friends, and Family, The Hampton House is Loaded With Features For Entertaining. Including a one-bedroom, one-bathroom Apartment, above the Garage For Guests, a large Kitchen, multiple patio Spaces, a large pool, and one bathroom pool house, that features a full kitchen, and changing Room. The details and designs of the Hamptons House have been inspired by my experiences workings as an intern in the Hamptons. Producing 3D renderings for Gregory Andrea AIA Architects, I have had the opportunity to work on several of these gorgeous style Hampton homes. The style of the Hamptons is rapidly changing as new construction are finished. The New Hamptons style features bright white sidings, stone, large windows, large gathering spaces, black standing-seam metal roofing, and black trim. The project was developed in a diagram with the focus of creating unique spaces for gathering. Featuring a large patio and beautiful views from the living room of the pool and pool house, and was developed through plans and 3D rendering.


Designed By Charles Grant Architecture


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